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The Sunday Sermon Series with Dr Mary Craig

This page is for the Sunday Teachings and Sermons of Dr Mary Craig.
For the teachings of former Pastor Jim Craig please go to his Archive page.

The Audio Files Below are for the Sunday Sermons of Dr Mary Craig.
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Truth For All Time


The GIft Of The Holy Spirit


Palm Sunday 2023
Recognizing The Day Of Visitation

2022 Resurrection Sunday Sermon
The Glories Of Resurrection

2022 Palm Sunday Sermon
A Stirring, A Sorrow, A Savior Preparing To Sacrifice Himself

The Benefits Of Salvation

2021 Christmas Message Son Of God Most High

How To Survive In The Kingdom Of God

Thanksgiving message 2021 The Thanksgiving Connection

For The International Day Of Prayer For The Persecuted Church 2021The Pattern Of Persecution

The Kingdom Of God

For The Audio: Who Is The Supreme Hegemon? This is the Written Portion.

For The Audio: The Kingdom Of God An Upside Down Kingdom This is the Written Portion in Listensee Format

2021 Mother's Day Message
Mary, The Mother Of Jesus Pt 1
Mary, The Mother Of Jesus Pt 2

Resurrection Sunday Sermon 2021: "The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ: The Truth That Sets Us Free"

Behold Your King Meek And Riding On A Donkey: 2021 Palm Sunday Sermon

2021 A Year Of Transformation

Covenant: God's Way Of Relationship

A Christmas Message From The LORD; "Such Is My Love For You"

July: Communion Tele-Service

Opening The Eyes Of The Blind

This is the most recent Sunday Sermon.
The Beauty Of The Blood Of Jesus

Easter Sunday Sermon 2020 with Guest Speaker :DAVID PATTEN
Our Hope In Christ

Palm Sunday Sermon 2020
Prophecy Fulfilled Here Comes The King

February Communion Message
Finding In His Heart To Love, God Moves Heaven And Earth

The Sacrifice The Spirit And The Fear Of The LORD

The Message alluded to in the audio above was not recorded.

However here are two messages that might be of help on the idea of the Holy Spirit as The Spirit Of Prayer

The Power Of God The Holy Spirit and The Seven Fold Power Of God

These are from the Friday Night Bible study series His Name Is The Holy Spirit, which can be seen by clicking on the Friday Link.

January 2020: Life's New Perspective


December: Why Jesus Came

Pre Christmas Holiday Message 2019
Who Is This Child?

November: Getting Into The Memory Of Jesus

October:Abiding In Jesus To Bear Much Fruit John 15

September: Seeing The Just One

August: Opening The Eyes Of The Blind: Let There Be Light

Preparing For The Hallelujah Life

Preparing For The Hallelujah Life Visual

June:Living For The Purpose For Which You Were Born

July: A New Covenant Sign And Seal

May: Preparing For The Hallelujah Life :Called To His Glory And Excellence

Easter Sunday Message 2019
Resurrection: The Love Of God Manifested

Palm Sunday Message 2019 The Resolute Christ

April: Forgiveness, A Matter Of First Importance

March 2019 The Danger Of Exalting The Self Above God's Gifts

January Communion Message: Preparing For The Hallelujah Life

Kept By The Power Of God

December: Christ The King

November: When Jesus Gave Thanks

October: The Life Jesus Brings John 12:47-50

September: The Cup Of Blessing

August Communion Message
Jesus Sat Down At The Right Hand Of The Majesty On High

Listen And See Visual for August Communion Message

July: The Liberty In Which You Stand

Communion Messages 2017-2018

The Message For March 2018 Communion in Listen And See Format.

Faith Of Our Fathers

Father's Day Message
Abiding In The Father's Love

Pentecost Series

Biblical Hope In God

Catch The Vision

Living In The Presence Of God

The Names And Titles Of The Holy Spirit

One Another Scriptures

2018 Easter Sunday Message
The Reconciliation

2018 Palm Sunday Message
Jesus Entered Jerusalem: The Man Of War Offering Peace

The Incarnation Because Of Unbelief

International Day Of Prayer For The Persecuted Church
2017 Rememebering Those Enduring Persecution


A Study Of How Jesus Uses Scripture With David Patten



A Nation Of Laws Under God Pt 1 with David Patten

A Nation Of Laws Under God Pt 2 with David Patten


The Apostolic


A Prophet, A Promise, A Persuasive Woman