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On a votive background are candles on which are written Love Peace Joy and above them is the text jesus is the reason for christmas

As we enter into the Christmas Season let us remember the LORD our God by whose Son we have Eternal Life


Season's Greetings to all Visitors and our Download Group.

As of August 1, 2019, meetings for Craighouse ® Christian Fellowship will be held via Teleconference.
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For Sunday Sermons

From the How To Survive In The Kingdom Of God series, we continue with

The Law Of Reciprocity

For Friday Bible Study

This is the Audio.
These are not weekly so keep coming back to see the newest one.

Weapons Of Spiritual Warfare

Forgiveness- Unwrap The Bindings Of Death


This is the Handout for the Friday Questions for the Study

New one coming soon

And the Answer Page done by Wanda Barlow


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Dr Mary Craig's Sunday Sermons Series

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Divine Appointment Radio Ministry of Dr Mary Craig.

And The Archived Sermons of the late Pastor Jim Craig


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Is the Church you are part of Scriptural?

Is The Church Where You Are At Scriptural? If Not... it goes on to list what it is.


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Pastor Jim Craig often used visuals in his sermons, so Wanda Barlow has put together a new concept called Listen and See. These have been incorporated in the Archives of Pastor Jim Craig.


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Declaring God's Glory In Jerusalem and Spiritual Warfare Lessons Learned From A Life On The Frontlines


To understand Evangelism please see Evangelism And The Sovereignty Of God visual and audio menu


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Craighouse® is a Christian community refuge for those seeking help and hope in Jesus Christ.  Craighouse® exists to offer refuge, times of refreshing, and restoration to the spiritually orphaned and wounded of the Christian community in an atmosphere of grace.  Craighouse® purposes to present the truth of Christ in a paradigm for living by the Word and by the Holy Spirit. Craighouse® aspires to minister the resurrection power of Jesus Christ through worship, witness, the Word, and the Holy Spirit to those God brings to its doors.

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