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God’s Map of Authority

Handout Sunday January 2013 Rev. Jim Craig

God’s Map of Authority Structure

Structure” Series “Romans 13:1-7”


NKJ Romans 13:1-7

(CC) Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities.

(CS) For there is no authority except from God,

(CH) and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.


(CH) Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God,

(CC) and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.

(CS) For rulers are not a terror to good works,

(CH) but to evil.

(CC) Do you want to be unafraid of the authority?

Do what is good,

(CC) and you will have praise from the same.

(CS) For he is God's minister to you

for good.


(CS)But if you do evil,

be afraid;

(CS)for he does not bear the sword in vain;

(CS) for he is God's minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.



(CH) Therefore you must be subject,

not only because of wrath

(CH) but also for conscience' sake.

(CS) For because of this you also pay taxes,

(CS) for they are God's ministers attending

continually to this very thing.

7a Render therefore to all their due:

taxes to whom taxes are due,

customs to whom customs,

fear to whom fear,

honor to whom honor.



Greek text


1a. I expect every living creature to be subject Greek text(pass. be subject, submit to, obey, be under the authority of) to those who are having higher authority Greek text than them.


Greek text

1b. Greek text (CS) Because no authority exists Greek text (CS) mh. except by means of God,


Greek text

1c. Greek text(CH) in other words, authorities which are existing are (in existence) by the means of God having fully ordained them,


2 Greek text


2a. Greek text (CH) in order that the ones who are resisting (opposing) (middle voice) the authority Greek text are fully (perfect) holding their ground against (withstanding, resisting) the decree (ordinance) of God,


Greek text


2b. Greek text (CC) and in order that the ones who are completely opposing (the higher authority) will (in either category) receive (the inevitable result) to themselves (middle)

Greek text (Greek text) a condemnation to/for themselves (of disadvantage).


Greek text



3a. Greek text (CS) Because the rulers (a;rcwn, rulers; officials, authorities) do not engender (by their presence cause to exist or to develop ) fear for the works of specific goodness (Greek text), good;useful, satisfactory for one’s (its) purpose, fitting, beneficial),


Greek text


3b. Greek text. (CH) but! (the rulers do engender fear) for the generally evil thing (work, action, act, that is- Greek text an injurious one, a bad one, a troublesome one, a wrong one, a harmful one, an evil one).

Greek text

3c. Greek text (CC) Therefore, if you desire not to fear (for yourself- middle) the authority Greek text

Greek text

3d. (then) I expect you to do the specifically good thing,

Greek text

3e. Greek text (CC) and you will receive (the inevitable result) approval (praise, commendation) from the same (authority);


Greek text.


4.a. Greek text (CS) Because he (every authority higher than yours) is a servant (Greek text) of God (as the source) to/for you (dative- of advantage, of instrumental means)

Greek Text

4b. to the end that (with the intended result) of effecting the specifically good thing.

Greek Text

4c. Greek text (CS) But Greek text whenever you might do the generally evil thing (greek text) ,

Greek text

4d. then I expect you to be afraid in behalf of yourself (middle);

Greek text

4e. Greek text (CS) because he is not wearing the sword for nothing (for no reason, in vain);

Greek text

4f. Greek text (CS) because he is a servant of God (as the source),

Greek text

4g. one who gives out punishment in retribution to/for the ones who are practicing the generally bad thing (the wrong, the injurious, the harmful, the troublesome, the evil).

Greek text



5a.Greek text (CH) therefore (for this reason), out of a sense of duty (out of necessity, out of constraint, under compulsion) one must take a subordinate place under the authority,

Greek text

5b. not only Greek text on account of (the reason) the retribution (punishment)

Greek text

5c. Greek text (CH) but also Greek text on account of (the reason) Greek text the action of the conscience (act of awareness, act of consciousness).

Greek text


6a. Greek text (CS) because Greek text on account (the reason) of this thing you also pay taxes;

Gree text

6b. Greek text (CS) because they (authorities) are the servants of God (as the source)

Greek text

6c. while continuously devoting themselves to this very thing.

Greek text


7a. I expect you to pay each particular debt due,

Greek text

7b. for the taxes (due), the taxes;

Greek text

7c. for the customs (revenue due) , the customs (revenue);

Greek text

7d. for the respect (reverence due), the respect (reverence);

Greek text

7e. for the honor (due), the honor.


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