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Seed of Satan

John 8.41ff

1.    They do the deeds of their father.

2.    They might claim God as their only spiritual father.

3.    God is not their father.

4.    They do not love Jesus Christ.

5.    They do not believe that Jesus is God.

6.    They might not believe that Jesus was sent by God to carry out God’s purposes.

7.    They do not understand God’s Word.

8.    They are not able to hear God’s Word.

9.    Their father is the devil.

10.  They want to do the desires of their father.

11.   They want to commit murder and do harm to God’s children…by thought, word, or deed.

12.   Their arguments are based on lies; so with bad premises, their conclusions are invalid.

13.   They have no internalization of the truth.

14.   They tell lies easily; with personal conviction, but their consciences are not informed, from the outside; are rather seared and not capable of convicting them.

15.    They use deception in order to promote the desires of their father.

16.    When they hear God’s truth, they may recognize it but will not believe it.

17.    They call good evil, and evil good.

18.    They do not know why they don’t believe God.

19.    They are not out of God as their source, i.e. not born of Him.

20.    They can be very “religious” and righteous appearing.

21.    They even seem to be drawing people God-ward while making slander and false accusations.

22.    They do not honor Christ or His gospel.

23.   They are not truly interested in glorifying God, only taking the credit themselves.

24.    In conflict, God can be called upon to identify them for us, and to judge between them and us.

25.    They believe they are the source of their own goodness.

26.    They deny the truth in becoming their own witness.

27.    They do not receive Jesus’ words or abide in them.

28.    They embrace the lie of the Fall, saying, ‘I am’ with the same pride as Satan himself.

29.   The words of Jesus find no place in them.

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